May 3 & 4 | 2024 | Tupelo, MS

Unleash Your Magic at the 2024 Conjuror Community Summit in Tupelo, Mississippi!

Calling all magicians! The 2024 Conjuror Community Summit is casting its spell in Tupelo, Mississippi, on May 3rd and 4th. Prepare to share secrets with fellow enthusiasts, and hone your skills under the guidance of renowned magicians Javi Benitez, Jonathan Neal Brown, and Willy Monroe and the entire CC Panel! You’ll make lasting connections that will fuel a lifetime of magical adventures. 

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Ditch the Boring Conventions

The CC Summit is a magical weekend filled with laughter, learning, and lifelong connections. Swap secrets with fellow magicians, attend intimate masterclasses, and ignite your inner spark with renowned guests. It’s pure magic joy served up with Southern charm – the perfect recipe for an unforgettable experience!

Look who’s Coming

Jonathan Neal Brown

This master of invention will be joining us to share his secrets! Brown's Workshop will dive deep into his techniques, helping you breathe new life into classic magic and create miracles from simple props. Get ready to laugh, learn, and elevate your craft!

Javi Benitez

A world-renowned sleight-of-hand artist, has left audiences speechless, including the legendary Penn & Teller. Witness his awe-inspiring magic firsthand during his convention performance. Then, delve deeper into the secrets of the craft with Javi's LIVE workshop. Learn directly from this award-winning magician, hone your skills alongside fellow magicians and ignite your own repertoire under Javi's expert guidance.

Willy Monroe

Direct from Madrid, he redefines magic with his awe-inspiring performances. He seamlessly blends illusion with yo-yo mastery, mime, and juggling, captivating audiences in both English and Spanish. Get ready as he reveals his secrets to you in a one-of-a-kind masterclass!

... and the Entire CC Panel!


The Holiday Inn & Suites Tupelo North is more than just a venue for the CC Summit this year; it’s the entire event’s magical campus! Throughout the weekend, the hotel will be transformed into a hub for magic enthusiasts. Guests can attend workshops, impromptu performances, and late-night jam sessions, all within the confines of the hotel.  Even casual encounters in the lobby or by the pool can turn into opportunities to learn new tricks and make lasting connections with fellow magic lovers.

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The 2024 Conjuror Community Summit – Tupelo, Mississippi, on May 3rd and 4th

Learn from the Masters: Be amazed by the incredible Jonathan Neal Brown, Willy Monroe, and Javi Benitez, as well as the entire CC Panel. These magic masters will share their secrets in intimate masterclasses, leaving you with an arsenal of new skills.

Unleash Your Inner Magician: With workshops catering to every skill level and magical interest, the Summit is your launchpad to new heights. Hone your existing skills, discover hidden talents, and become the spellbinding performer you were meant to be.

More details coming soon...

Conjuror Community Summit Terms and Conditions

1. Ticket price and attendance

1.1 Ticket Purchase Conditions:

(a) Non-Refundable Policy: All ticket purchases are final. Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded after April 1st 2024 under any circumstances.

(b) No Transfers or Exchanges: Tickets are valid only for the event and date for which they are purchased. They cannot be transferred to events in future years, nor can they be exchanged for store credit or vouchers.

(c) Special Provision for new 3M Enrollees: The aforementioned policies apply equally to new 3M Enrollee tickets. New 3M Enrollee tickets, without exception, cannot be rolled over to future Summits.

1.3. All attendees must be registered. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for unregistered magicians who crash the party.Anyone caught in the event without registering will be removed from the premises. 

1.4. We retain the right to cancel a registration at any time.

1.5. Registration must be made in your full name and performing name (if applicable).

1.6. Guests of registrants are not permitted in live sessions, workshops or lectures. Guests are permitted at magic performance shows.

2. Performers, line-up and schedule

2.1. Due to the nature of this kind of event, the performers and schedule may change without prior notice. In the event of a performer needing to cancel, we are not able to accommodate refunds or changes to tickets.

2.2. We try to run all events on time. However, some timing adjustments may be necessary during the convention to keep things running smoothly.

2.3. In the event that we need to postpone the event due to the government regulations or in the interest of health and safety for our guests, performers or team, your ticket will be automatically transferred to the new date under the same terms and conditions. In the event of a cancellation, we will contact you to arrange a full refund.

2.4. In the event of cancellation or rescheduling, we are not responsible for any costs incurred to you, (including, but not limited to travel costs and hotel costs) and therefore, we recommend that during the ongoing pandemic, you make arrangements to book flights and hotels that are easily cancelable and refundable.

3. Photography and Video

3.1. Photography is not permitted unless the performer you are photographing gives consent beforehand.

3.2. Filming is not permitted under any circumstances.

3.3. No photographs from the convention are to be published in print media without consent from the organizers.

4. Health and safety

4.1. You agree to adhere to any present government-imposed health and safety guidelines, including the use of a mask, regular handwashing, and social distancing. Please do not attend in person if you are showing symptoms of COVID-19.